Hair Removal


Lip – $ 8
Chin – $8
Lip/Chin – $15
Eyebrow Shaping – $13
Lip/Eyebrow – $17
Full Face – $27
Stomach – $15 and up
Under Arm – $15
Bikini – $ 25 and up
Bikini LA/Brazilian – $40 and up
Full Arm – $26
Upper Leg (includes Bikini) –¬† $42
Lower Leg (includes knees) – $25
Full Leg (includes Bikini) – $50
Chest – $30
Back and Shoulders – $40
Eyebrow Tinting – $12
Eyelash Tinting – $18
Brow & Tint – $20

NEW! Last Epilation

Lasting Gel Hair Removal Without Laser Or IPL

Last Epilation is the revolutionary gel technique in permanent hair removal.

Last Epilation is easy, fast and efficient. Once the hair is waxed, two separate gels are applied to the affected area. The first, called the Activator, is used to dilate the hair follicle to allow complete penetration of the second gel, the Toner, which aims to prevent the hair from regenerating.

Studies have demonstrated increased efficiency when Last Epilation is performed during the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle, while shaving is repeated at an interval of 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the treated area. You will only need 8 to 12 sessions to permanently get rid of your unwanted hair and enjoy the feel of satiny skin.

Thanks to these two special formulas you now have what it takes to make all types of hair, regardless of their colour, disappear forever! From fuzz to medium-thick hairs, and from medium-thick to very thick hairs.

In short, you will obtain all the benefits of photoepilation (Laser, IPI) with none of the related restrictions because it is suitable for:

  • all skin types
  • all skin phototypes
  • all hair types
  • all hair colours, from white to black, including blonde and red. Finally!
  • tattooed areas
  • people of all ages, (starting in puberty)

And what’s more, Last Epilation is the only permanent hair removal technique with no restrictions regarding sun exposure, no side effects and no pain or discomfort!

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